LUKE PADGETT is a writer and filmmaker from Tennessee. His work has appeared on the BBC, NDR, CBS, National Geographic Magazine, and smartphones everywhere. He co-directed Hallowed Isles, a film about the remote Chatham Islands of New Zealand. For the past few years, Padgett has worked with global health researchers and technologists joining projects in Seattle and fieldwork in Africa.

Padgett is now developing our project in Chile.  


Dr. JAMES REARDON is a conservation biologist and filmmaker based in New Zealand. After beginning his career as a cameraman for the BBC and Oxford Scientific Films, Reardon became a conservationist. He has worked with the NZ Department of Conservation, the Wildlife Conservation Society in Papua New Guinea, and the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group. Reardon remains active as a lighting and wildlife cameraman for major broadcasters and has an Emmy nomination for cinematography.

Reardon now leads our project in the Subantarctic Islands.


Dr. ADAM AMIR is a scholar and filmmaker working as a post-doctoral associate with the Spencer Lab at Florida State University. He has published in Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, and Ecological Restoration and screened films at fifteen festivals across nine countries. In 2015, the Society of Visual Anthropology granted him the Jean Rouch Award for exceptional collaborative filmmaking based on his work in Cameroon.

Amir is now leading our project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo-Brazzaville.