In Development.

Dr. Kath Walker and Dr. Graeme Elliott travel to Antipodes Island to learn the secrets of the wandering albatross. 

We produced this cut on a ten-hour recon for an upcoming film.

Directed, produced, shot, & edited by James Reardon and Luke Padgett

6 min. 2017. New Zealand.


In Development

A mood reel for a feature-length documentary exploring the struggles, dreams and hopes of three refugees caught in international limbo—unable to return home, unable to immigrate, and trapped in one of the Africa's largest refugee pop-up cities.   

Shot & edited by Luke Padgett

Directed & produced by Neil Shea

4 min. 2016. Kenya.


In Post-Production

An excerpt from a documentary profiling Eric Keen, a Scripps oceanographer studying the whales and ecology of British Columbia's inland fjords on his self-built research vessel.

Directed, produced, & shot by Luke Padgett

Edited by Luke Padgett & Adam Amir

5 min. 2016. Canada.

Corresponding social media feature written and edited for the Virginia Quarterly Review
Part 1/3

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Part 3/3


High summer in Sequatchie Cove, Tennessee. The forest boils, steam rises, rain falls. The Keeners, four generations at once, tend their land in the small cove, farming the above and the below. In a nearby shed, Nathan Arnold gently guides a symphony of microbes. Tennessee lacks a cheesemaking tradition but that never worried him. Old World cheeses are an accident of place. Careful study of European methods would be nothing without Nathan's knowledge of home terrain. He has made something native to Sequatchie Cove Creamery. It comes in species, in different shapes and flavors. They have names like Coppinger, Cumberland, Nickajack, and Dancing Fern. The cheeseboard reads like a map of the Plateau, and every map needs exploration.

Directed, produced, & shot by Luke Padgett

Edited by Luke Padgett & Adam Amir

12 min. 2015. USA.


An account of a 1000 of a 5-day, 1000-mile trip on vintage motorcycles that cost <$1000 (excluding tires). The riders follow the Trans-America Trail (AKA: the “TAT”) seemed the perfect choice, a west bound dual-sport motorcycle route of dirt gravel, jeep, forest, and farm roads, with dashes of creek beds and abandoned railroad grades. They begin in Soddy Daisy, TN and ride a loop through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Directed, shot, & produced by Luke Padgett

Edited by Adam Amir & Luke Padgett

8 min. 2016. USA.


Small chains of weatherbeaten islands lie alone in the cold South Pacific. The Chatham Archipelago has been discovered by many kinds of explorers. Here, every creature is the descendant of some original pioneer who traversed the wide ocean. Humans and animals must all adapt in their own ways. But what does it take to become native? This film searches for the connection between creatures born for exploration and the ultimate journey to find home. 

Directed, produced, shot, & edited by James Reardon & Luke Padgett

49 min. 2014. New Zealand.